I refuse to be life’s comfortable passenger.

To renounce responsibility over my being
to the whims of others,
to the expectations of my peers,
to the depths of the glory and power
we are expected to desire.

I refuse the lightness of expected achievement.
The comfort of adulation.
The warmth of approval.

I rather own the heaviness of disappointment,
the harshness of incomprehension,
the exasperation
of the loneliness
of an isolated soul.

Only destruction con breed progress.
So we must destroy in order to transcend.
We must accept upon our shoulders
the weight that will bury us alive,
if we are to be reborn
to a different world.

I refuse to be your comfortable passenger.

So let go of your hopes.
Forget your dreams.
Renounce your ambition.
For they will not be mine.
Nor will they define my path.

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