The Chaos of Creation

The suffering with which knowledge withers our chains
strengthens our souls and shows us to grow.
Few can stand the flames, and most refuse to learn,
but to stand on our convictions will make sure we are reborn.

It’s from ashes we existed, and to ashes we will turn.
It is not for us to understand the will of God’s unknown.
But from death can life aspire to be greater than before.
To turn that which was forgotten into that which will endure.

To build what dreams in life may come, you must learn to destroy.
You must accept the failure of the ways you held so sure.
To rid yourself of certainties, assurance and control.
You built yourself a platform, now learn to just let go.

Your fears will always drive you to grasp upon your chains,
but God never intended for us to live as slaves.
Learn to embrace the chaos of creation
and share with me the greatness of an unmanifested destination.

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